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Thick Weighted Lead Tape for Tennis Racquet

Thick Weighted Lead Tape for Tennis Racquet

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 Tennis Accessories

Product Name: Lead Tape

Feature: Tennis racketsbadminton racquets, golf clubs

Thick Weighted Lead Tape Professional Sports, Tennis Racket, BadmintonRacquiets, Golf Clubs--Lead Piece, Practical Weighting Piece

1) Ultra-thin design is only 0.18MM, which can be completely in the frame protection tube;

2) The surface brightness is durable

3) A roll of 4 meters lengthened design, the price is more favorable, fully meet the individual tailoring as you like;

4) Adhesive back glue, is easy to peel off and can be pasted repeatedly.


Tennis rackets, badminton rackets, and golf clubs add weight, change the balance point, swing weight, and weight to make the racket more aggressive.

Product Name: Lead Tape


1/4”=width 6.35MM*length 4M*thickness 0.18MM Weight: 48g/roll

3/8”=Width 9.52MM*Length 4M*Thickness 0.18MM Weight: 70g/roll

DIY cutting instructions:

Specification 1/4’’ 10CM is 1 gram

Specification 3/8’’ 10CM is 1.5 grams

Tips: After pasting, use an awl or ballpoint pen to scratch the lead sheet to make the lead sheet stronger and more beautiful.

1*Lead Tape


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