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Tennis Training Rebound Ball Machine

Tennis Training Rebound Ball Machine

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Product Name:  Tennis Training Rebound Tool

Material:  PE

Size:  Approx. 5.11" deep x 3.14" high

Rope length:  Approx. 78.74 inches

Bullet Points:

1.Hand-Eye Coordination Enhancement: The Tennis Trainer with its elastic cord and ball attachment is perfect for boosting your reaction time and increasing agility on-court through consistent and efficient practice.
2.Sustainable Material: Utilizing PE material, our Tennis Rebound Ball Set is a practical choice for indoor and outdoor practice. It's durably built which ensures long-lasting use while reducing environmental impact.
3.Convenient Design: The tennis trainer comes with a non-slip base and a smooth center of gravity, providing you with a secure and stable rebounder experience. The iron sand weighted base prevents unwanted movements during practice, making it a practical addition to your training routine.
4.Experience Boost: Enjoy playing tennis anytime, anywhere with this compact and convenient trainer. No need to pick up the ball or wait for a partner, just hit the ball and watch it bounce back to you with the built-in automatic rebound design. Perfect for single player training and improving your skills.
5.Flexible Training: Our rebound ball is perfect for tennis enthusiasts to practice outdoors or practice in your living room or take it to the parks and tennis courts for an impromptu game. With a versatile design, this trainer is suitable for multiple occasions and great for improving your skills.
It is the perfect tennis training tool for beginners and professionals. Its stretch cord automatically bounces back after a shot, helping you improve your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.
Name: Tennis trainer
Material: PE
Weight: about 1.1kg
Rope length: (approx.)200cm/78.74 inches

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