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Table Tennis Racquet, Carbon

Table Tennis Racquet, Carbon

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Bottom: Full Wood Plus Carbon Fiber

Baseboard Layer Number: 9

Product Name: Nine star table tennis rackets

Model: Nine stars

Type of rubber sheet: Inverted rubber on both sides

Packing: 1Pcs Table Tennis Racket with Bag
Sponge wipe X1
Sandpaper X1
Protective film X2
Edge protection X1

1. 7-star table tennis racket
Straight shot 185 ± 10g, horizontal shot 195 ± 10g Thickness 14.5mm ± 0.5mm Sponge 2.2mm
Type of rubber coating: double-sided reverse adhesive high elastic sponge
Bottom plate configuration: seven layers of carbon wood combination
Play style: fast attack combined with loop smash
2. 9-star table tennis racket
Straight shot 200 ± 10g, horizontal shot 210 ± 10g, thickness 15mm ± 0.5mm, sponge 2.2mm
Type of glue coating: double side reverse glue, high elasticity and high viscosity blue sponge
Bottom plate configuration: nine layer high-quality Ayus high-pressure carbon bottom plate
Play style: professional competitive control rate, strong smash, powerful attack

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