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Pointer Wooden Tennis Spoon Tennis Wooden Racket

Pointer Wooden Tennis Spoon Tennis Wooden Racket

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Weight (g): 320-330g 

Racket Length Category: Regular Grade

Balance Point: Light Tip (Intercept/Professional Type)

Length (cm): 59 (23.23 in.)

Grip Material: Wood

Grip Size: 4 3/8

colour: Handle red 300g, handle purple 300g, handle blue 350g, handle black 35

specifications: Tennis training racket

head material: solid wood

Hardness of racket rod: proper

Frame material: solid wood

Spoon tennis racket
Material: imported red oakAfter using the normal racket, I feel that the racket face is very big and the position of the sweet spot is very clear, which greatly improves the probability of hitting the sweet spot!Hit the sweet spot means greater strength, better control, and more confidence in swinging!
In addition, the vibration caused by the ball hitting the sweet spot is minimal! 
There are many other benefits to practicing hitting the ball with dessert racket:
1. Keep a better eye on the ball, feel the distance between the ball and the body, and have a more accurate swing track to hit the sweet spot!
2. Improve your ability to react and predict
3. Better use the strength of the body to hit the ball and extend the effective hitting area
4. Improve the ability to adjust the pace and grasp the timing of swinging in the face of high-pressure balls
5. Size 23.23"X12"X2"


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