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Pickleball Paddles,2, 2 Balls with Bag

Pickleball Paddles,2, 2 Balls with Bag

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Features 1: Honeycomb graphite structure

Can use for: Best Christmas Gift

Features-Best Christmas Gift

【MAGICALLY UPGRADE GRAPHITE PICKLEOK RACKET】The pickleball racket is a great upgrade. The honeycomb graphite structure makes it easier to get a good spin feel than a wooden paddle. It's light, comfortable and firm to hold, well balanced and easy to control.
【Create Spin and Excellent Bounce Fiberglass Surface】The fiberglass surface is hard with a cushioning layer for strong bounce and no vibration. As a beginner, fiberglass designs are easier to get good hard-hit feedback than with wood paddles, and they are very durable.
【Good Grip and Comfort for Long Game】The handle of the pickleball paddle is wrapped, which is very comfortable to hold. It's ultra-light and has a very strong grip—no issues with the paddle slipping from your hand or slipping through sweat.
【2 Indoor & 2 Outdoor Pickleballs】The balls are standard pickleballs, these pickleballs are well made, they are durable and hold their shape well. The colors are bright and easy to see.
【Premium Beginner to Intermediate Pickleball Set】It is a great game to play regardless of talent and age, suitable for beginners to intermediate experienced players.
They're versatile enough for indoor courts and groups of people to get together and play outdoors.

Package list

9-in-1 Pickleball Set Includes
A backpack tote that takes you anywhere!
2 pickle ball raquettes
2 outdoor or indoor pickle balls
2 Easy Pickleball Ball Retriever.

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