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ALSPORT Tennis Carbon Racquet, Men, Women Beginners W/Bag

ALSPORT Tennis Carbon Racquet, Men, Women Beginners W/Bag

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Applicable People: Adult

Weight (g): 285g

Racket Face Classification: OS Racket Surface (Big Surface/Beginner)

Racket Length Category: Regular Grade

Thickness: Common Rim (21-28mm)

Shape: Oval (Central Sweet Point)

Balance Point: Heavy Tip (Baseline/Technical Type)

Length (cm): 27

Grip Material: Carbon Fiber

Grip Size: 4 3/8 

⚽️ ALP-SPORTS 🏀 : Official High Tech Sport Shop ⚾️🎾


Joint Name:LUNNADE

🎁(1PCS Package content: 1* tennis racket, 1* tennis bag, 1* tennis ball, 1* tennis ball with string, 1* tennis ball rebound trainer

Head size:102 sq in

Racket Length:27”

Weight:285g(Removal Tennis Racket StringsandGrip)


String Pattern:16*19

Grip Sizes:4 1/4”


1. Parallel line holes provide more uniform force feedback and better hitting feel

2.Double hole By increasing the diameter of the wire hole, the threading method can be shrunk more freely and the stroke is smoother.

3.Triple shock absorption technology strengthens the shock absorption effect and increases the power of hitting

4. High-strength wire protection sleeve avoids damage caused by bumps on the ground and prolongs the service life of the tempo

5.102-inch enlarged face shot provides greater stability on the basis of increased control

6.Concave wire protection groove makes the ball line not easy to break, more resistant to hitting

7. Vibration-absorbing cork handle reduces bad vibration and feels better


⛔We solemnly promise 🏸:
1. 100% ALP-SPORTS original new products
2. 100% carbon fibre, tennis rackets are generally used for 2-4 years
3. support multi-colour mix and match, to ensure that all rackets in the shop are in stock, 10-40 days to arrive, because each country platform logistics is not the same, I hope you understand!
4. 4.As a seller, we promise to check each racket before shipping, to ensure that we do not send any wrong racket!
5. 5.If the racket is damaged in transit, we will provide a new racket for free.

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