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Adjustable Length 2-Way Golf Putter - Children/Teenagers, Adults

Adjustable Length 2-Way Golf Putter - Children/Teenagers, Adults

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All Ages--children, teenagers, adults

Adjustable length golf putter double side mini rubber head putter indoor outdoor, use two-way golf putters for right or left handed golfer--suitable for children, teenagers, adults.
1. Soft Head for Enhanced Precision: The soft and pliable head of this golf putter club prevents collisions and allows you to easily grasp the feel of each stroke, ensuring stability and accuracy in your swing.
2. Dual-sided Design for Left and Right Handed Players: With its versatile dual-sided design, this double side mini rubber head putter is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed players. You can confidently use this putter, regardless of your dominant hand, knowing that it is specifically crafted to accommodate your playing style.
3. Clear Scales and Exquisite Craftsmanship: The two-way golf putters features clear scales and meticulous craftsmanship. The precise and well-defined markings on the putter aid in alignment, helping you line up your shots accurately and consistently on the green.
4. Rubber Grip for Superior Comfort: The two-way kids putter is equipped with a rubber grip that provides a soft and comfortable feel. Combining the softness and durability of TPA (thermoplastic elastomer) material, this grip ensures optimal performance on the golf course, allowing you to maintain a steady and confident hold.
5. Flexible Knob for Easy Adjustment: The retractable design of this multi-colored adjustable length golf putter offers excellent flexibility and easy operation on the greens. Whether you need a longer stroke for distance or a shorter and precise putt, the adjustable knob allows you to effortlessly customize the length according to your preferences, ensuring every stroke is executed flawlessly.

Product Material: Aluminium Alloy + Rubber + TPA
Color(Optional): Pink, Orange, Green, Sky Blue.
Size: 530 MM/20.87 In After Shrinking, 94 CM/37 In After Stretching.

Please Allow 1-2 CM Measuring Deviation Due To Manual Measurement.





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