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3K Camewin Carbon Fiber Beach Tennis Racket

3K Camewin Carbon Fiber Beach Tennis Racket

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Brand Name: CAMEWIN

Applicable People: WOMEN/MEN

Weight (g): 320-330g


(1) Tennis ball can stay on the racquet surface for a longer time

(2) Small tolerance for hitting off center

(3) Accurate ball control

(4) High stability when hitting the ball.



Article number: 4009 (3k)

Material: 3K carbon fiber, interlayer EVA foam in the middle 

Weight: The racket weighs 320 ± 10 grams, the bag weighs 125 grams, and the bag weighs 13 grams

Frame: 100% Carbon

Thickness: 2.0-2.1cm

Shooting area: 28cm × 23.5cm

Profile: 22mm

Length: 49-50 (CM)

Balance: Medium

Treatment: #40 Round Grit

Water Decal: CAMEWIN


Daily maintenance:

(1) Prevent throwing the racket to the ground.

(2) Place at room temperature. Resin material frames are prone to deformation at high temperatures.

(3) After sweating, wipe the handle dry in a timely manner. For some leather handles, it is best to regularly clean them with soap.

(4) Customized racket covers can prevent damage or aging of the racket due to impact, thereby extending its lifespan.

Package includes:

1* Beach Tennis Racket

1 * Racket Storage Bag

1* Wristband (random color)

2 * Over Grip Tapes



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